Counter Strike Extreme V6 Full Version - 13 December 2011 -
Thursday, 2014-10-30, 8:26 PM
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Main » 2011 » December » 13 » Counter Strike Extreme V6 Full Version
7:42 PM
Counter Strike Extreme V6 Full Version

Info :
Counter Strike Xtreme V6  

Features some old game modes from the previous Counter-Strikes and new ones: Normal, Team Death Match, Zombie Mode 3, Zombie United, Zombie Scenario, and Ghost Mode.

The game also features a variety of additions over the International Counter-Strike, such as an introduction to female characters, numerous new weapons and skins.

Counter Strike Extreme V6 or better known as CS is a very exciting war game to be played. This game is long enough to accompany the true gamer. Counter Strike Extreme is one version of some other games that include Counter Strike Condition Zero etc. Once before I talk about games Need For Speed 2010 then ??PES 2011 and on this occasion, will provide Free Download Counter Strike Extreme V6 Full Version.

Counter Strike provides some features that are very unique and quite a lot of options that allow you to play only with computers, a LAN (Local Area Network) and Internet. In the game of Counter Strike, there are several areas of war, some weapons, anti-weapons etc.

Any restrictive custody of Everything, of course, there are one or more deficiencies that actually has minimized as well as with Counter Strike. Counter Strike has some cheating codes (Counter Strike Cheat Code) here are some cheat Counter Strike (Wallhacks, Speedhacks, No recoil, Aimbots, ESP, Barrel Hack, Anti Flash and Anti Smoke, Grenade Dodger, Fanatic, Aimbot, speed, lasers, Walls, and Team kill bots).

To further away you are familiar with Counter Strike Extreme V6, please see the screen shoot below :

Minimum Requirements :

Windows XP/Visata /7 of Operating System
2.4Ghz of Processor Min. P4
1GB of RAM
2GB Free HDD Space
Gforce FX series of Graphic Card

Cs Download
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20 geluka   (2013-09-24 11:56 PM)
I love I download counter-strike

19 mikeclarence   (2013-08-24 1:32 PM)

18 mikeclarence   (2013-08-24 1:32 PM)

17 murat   (2013-05-31 1:08 PM)
merhaba arkadaşlar size xterme cs nasıl yüklenir bilmiyorum lütfen yardımcı olun :D

16 ralph   (2013-04-15 2:32 AM)
wtf!!!!!!!!!!!!! lols

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